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Hidden Islands Blend 50g

Hidden Islands Blend 50g

Pina Colada Infusion 


Discover irresistible infusions for the flavour curious. Tempting fruit and cut hibiscus, packed full of extraordinary flavours and natural ingredients. 


Piña Colada Infusion is a tropical beverage crafted with pineapple , rosehip, apples and coconut chips. 


The refreshing flavor of this infusion is ideal for hot summer days. It will help strengthen the immune system and bring energy to the body.


USE: 4 grams per 200 ml at 95ºC and let stand for 5-7 minutes.

  • Ingredients

    Pineapple (30%, pineapple, cane sugar, acidifying citric acid (E 330)), cut hibiscus, rose hip, apple (apples (approx. 97.5%), salt, citric acid E 330, optional ascorbic acid E 300), grated coconut (13.0%), coconut chips (6.0%), aroma

  • Weight

    0,06Kg /Bag

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