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Best diet for weight loss

A healthy diet for long-term weight loss

Nourish your body, while shedding pounds!

So, you’ve made the decision to try to lose weight for good this time and you’re raring to go. But how are you going to make your weight loss stick this time? How are you going to change your eating habits and navigate those cravings for comfort foods?

Go raw and alkalise

Natural, nutritious and alkalising raw foods (like fruits, vegetables, green leafy plants, sprouted legumes and sea vegetables) are the answer.

The best-kept weight loss success secret is that you can reach your natural ideal weight without having to count calories or starve yourself.

By eating more raw food (packed with vitamins, minerals and other weight loss friendly nutrients that haven’t been destroyed by the heat of cooking), and fewer processed, nutrient-depleted foods (high in saturated fat, sugar, salt, artificial additives and preservatives), you can control your appetite, balance your blood sugar levels, avoid cravings and awaken a more vibrant, energised version of yourself!

Cleanse and detox

If your body is bearing a high toxic load as a result of years of poor diet and lifestyle choices (including smoking), it is wise to tackle this before attempting to lose weight healthily.

This is because a toxic body will often be suffering from underlying conditions that can hamper weight loss, including food sensitivities, poor nutrient absorption, hormone imbalances and a strained liver.

For centuries, health experts have been extolling the virtues of ‘spring cleaning’ the body.

If you follow a diet made up primarily of wholesome raw foods, eliminating refined and processed foods wherever possible, your body will begin to detox naturally in any case.

If eating the right food is one side of the weight loss ‘coin’, detoxification is the other. Lower your toxic load to the lowest level possible to provide a good foundation for losing weight naturally and healthily.

Enzyme advantage

One of the many advantages of eating raw and ‘living’ foods is their rich enzyme content.

In the human body, there are around 3000 enzymes, which are required to carry out a wide range of essential biological functions. They are involved in everything from digestion and healing, to hormones and metabolism – all of which can have an impact on your weight loss efforts.

We are actually born with a finite bank of these essential, life-giving proteins. If our diet is not packed with naturally enzyme-rich foods, we need to call on our body’s own limited reserves.

What’s more, enzymes are delicate – they are damaged or destroyed when exposed to heat.

A poor diet, lacking in enzyme-rich raw foods, therefore often means that, eventually, our body starts to overwork itself to produce these enzymes, diverting energy away from other important tasks such as, for instance, burning fat.

So there you have it – 3 quick and easy ways to frame a diet that naturally supports long-term weight loss success. And the basis for all 3 is a diet high in raw, enzyme-rich and plant-based foods.


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