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Nikolay Todorov

Clinical Sports Therapy


Nik is from Galabovo (a small village in Bulgaria) where he began his working life in building maintenance. In 2008 Nik emigrated to Manchester and began a new career path in health and wellness and has been delivering quality Swedish massage, Aromatherapy massage, Reflexology, Sports Therapy, and Myofascial Release.

Nik most recently completed his Pilates and Sports Trauma Management training and is continuing his postgraduate study and is working towards his Level 6 Sports Therapy Advanced Diploma where he is writing a dissertation on 'Manual Therapy interventions for Speech Impediments' inspired by his lifelong personal journey with speech.  

Nik is a fitness instructor working with top-level athletes and enjoys volunteering his pitchside services at Charity Celebrity Football events. He also volunteers in Community enterprises and is a strong believer is Community. 

His favourite aspect of his work is tailoring the best course of action a client needs to get to optimum recovery. He enjoys seeing people flourish and reach their health and fitness goals.

In his spare time, he enjoys drawing human anatomy and portraits. He works hard in the gym and training outdoors. He lives with his partner of 20 years in Clayton Manchester. Loves listening to Classical music, Electro Beats and 90’s classics. And is always ready for the next Stephen King release.

Nik is a Member of the Sports Therapy Organisation, and is registered with CNHC, the sports therapy regulatory body.

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