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We're proud to say that our menu is:
+ Gluten-Free
+ Vegan
+ 80% (or more) Organic
+ Unrefined Sugar

*there maybe the odd thing, but we generally do without.






Welcome to our specialty on-site cafe.

The menu has been designed by the Health Coaching department of our parent company Active Health Group. 

Our staff consciously handle, prepare and bring your food to life with compassionate intentionality. 
Yes, we talk to our food!

Quantum physics knows no bounds and our expertise in this craft is evidenced by consistently beautiful tasting high vibrational food.

Our only apology for our food is that we have a high content of nuts and seeds in our kitchen and a menu which wouldn't suit people with Nut allergies.


During March we will be open Saturday & Sunday 9am to 5pm due to refurb of the kitchen.

Check out our social media for Pop-Up's and Supper clubs. If you would like to arrange an onsite dinner party for your friends we can tailor a menu for your guests, or catering for your business meeting, for your functions/celebrations. We are ready to deliver you a 21st century beautiful plant-based menu. Please CONTACT US HERE for details. (contact us in bold and linked to contact page)

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